Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cruise, International Waters ( Malaysia - Singapore)

The big boat ride - International Waters

Why it was on my list?

We have zeroed on so many sea sailing trips. But we never mind adding new destinations to our ever expanding list :) At last, It's going to give us some good memories and experiences. During our trip to Penang,  we saw an ad of 1 day cruising in Penang by starcruise

Next thing we knew we were in our cruise cabin and riding a giant cruise !

Embarkation Port - Penang Cruise Port

== Photos from our trip ==

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Was it good addition to our list?

Although it was not part of our Penang itinerary but we enjoyed it alot. I think it was a good decision to make cruise, it was first time feet on a cruise kind of trip for us. We both were excited to be there. The adrenaline rush took us from one end of the cruise to the another before even putting our luggage in the cabin :)  

After a full trip to all the corners of the cruise we decided to have a look at our cabin. It was small two single bed room cabin, decent enough. 

The view from the window of cabin was amazing, Gosh! I would have such a view from my apartment's room window :) Watching sun rising in mid of ocean was out of this world experience, it was insanely beautiful. 

This experience was completely new for us in such category. And what could be best than taking a romantic dinner with your life partner in an open restaurant when sun is calling day off:) 

Trip doesn't have much to narrate about since cruise remained still in international water for half a day, I guess It would be in Singapore water if it would have traveled bit more. 

Don't expect it to be like Royal Carribean kind of experience, however if you have never been on a cruise and currently you are in Penang or planning to visit to Penang, put in your list of Penang attractions and make some room in your tour itinerary:) If you wish to give a try kindly make sure to check star cruise itinerary from Penang international cruise terminal embarkation point.

Happy travelling...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Genting Highland, Malaysia

Fun Above The Cloud - Genting Highlands, Pahang

Why Genting Highland was on my list?

Both of us (me and my wife) had never been to a theme park prior to the Genting Highland ! 

I know it's bit hard to digest but that's the reality :( and things can't get better when you can visit theme park with an option to recover the cost of ticket in a casino lol. It felt really good to be a child again :). 

Genting Highland, run by Genting Berhad, basically comprises casinos, outdoor and indoor theme parks as well as hotels. Casino in Malaysia are generally illegal but Genting Highland casino is the only place in Malaysia where you can gamble legally. Situated around 35KM away from Kuala Lumpur. It is located at 1800 meter height and temperature always remains between 20°C to 25°C during the day and 15°C to 20°C during the night.

Indoor Theme Park

Genting Highlands Attractions:
  • Genting Skyway
  • Casino De Genting
  • First World Theme Park or Also known as Genting Highland park

== Photos from my trip ==
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Food and drink:

There are many restaurants to serve your appetite. We tried Coffee Terrace which costed us around 60RM per person. It is buffet style dining. You can fill your plate from at least 50 different dishes ranging from veg to non veg!! 

Some of other famous restaurants at the highlands are The Olive, Bakery, Spice Garden and Pizza Hut. For dark lovers, don't forget to knock the door of Safari disco!


It is only a day trip unless you decide to spend a night there. If you stay there just leave the window open for a while and see the cloud entering in your room :) 

I would rather suggest you to stay there for a night. Genting highland weather gets very cold during evening time, walking outside can be a fun. But you really got to carry woolen cloth to enjoy genting weather else you will be running from corner to corner. 

During our trip we stayed at First world hotel which is the one of the largest hotel in world. It costed us around 120RM for a night stay. The room was clean but no WIFI and TV had very few channels and mostly were only free to air channels. The valley view from the room was decent enough. 

I guess this was the most "budget" hotel at the Genting highland. There are few other options if you want to check them out: Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort hotel, Theme part hotel and Awana. Make sure you book the room in advance specially if you are travelling on week end. 

How to get to Genting Highlands:

If you wish to pay a visit to Genting Highland. You have following three options available, if you choose to pick the public transportation:
- Take a bus from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal
- Take a genting bus from KL central terminal 
- Take a taxi instead of bus from above two places. 

Taxi will cost you around 70RM single side or may be more depends on your bargain skills! 

If you catch a bus from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal it will cost you around 10RM. But keep in mind, this bus service is more like a city bus service, don't expect it to be fast and flying around. It will take its sweet time to take you there, I guess 1 and 1/2 from one side. But the only plus point this bus service has is that it will take you all the way to the First world hotel you don't need to catch a cable car from half way (but cable car is fun, don't miss it!!). 

However if you catch a genting bus from KL central to Genting Highland, it is the best deal you get from KL to Genting Highland. It will cost you around 50RM per person. The genting bus service is fast and seats are more comfortable than Titiwangsa bus service. 

The ticket cost 50RM is inclusive of Indoor and outdoor theme parks, unlimited rides or if you don't want ticket for theme park rides you can get it replaced for lunch or dinner at Coffee Terrace plus the ticket is valid for both ways. The KL central Genting service will drop you at the cable car station. 

From there you can catch a cable car all the way to Genting Highland if it's cloudy you will really pass through the clouds!! And the cable car price is include in genting bus ticket, no need to pay any thing.I guess this entire KL central to Genting highland thing is called "Go Genting" package, I leave it you to check it out. 

At the Genting Highland, there are no such major roads for people to walk, but lots of may have to walk a lot and if you get lost at highland don't mind it you will soon find your way just keep an eye of signage which you will find everywhere :) and yes don't forget to find a genting highland map. If you are travelling with your family, it will be fun for them to be at Genting Highland as part of their Malaysia holiday package.

Update: As of today, 26 Feb 2014, genting highland theme park are closed for renovation. 

Happy travelling...