Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cruise, International Waters ( Malaysia - Singapore)

The big boat ride - International Waters

Why it was on my list?

We have zeroed on so many sea sailing trips. But we never mind adding new destinations to our ever expanding list :) At last, It's going to give us some good memories and experiences. During our trip to Penang,  we saw an ad of 1 day cruising in Penang by starcruise

Next thing we knew we were in our cruise cabin and riding a giant cruise !

Embarkation Port - Penang Cruise Port

== Photos from our trip ==

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Was it good addition to our list?

Although it was not part of our Penang itinerary but we enjoyed it alot. I think it was a good decision to make cruise, it was first time feet on a cruise kind of trip for us. We both were excited to be there. The adrenaline rush took us from one end of the cruise to the another before even putting our luggage in the cabin :)  

After a full trip to all the corners of the cruise we decided to have a look at our cabin. It was small two single bed room cabin, decent enough. 

The view from the window of cabin was amazing, Gosh! I would have such a view from my apartment's room window :) Watching sun rising in mid of ocean was out of this world experience, it was insanely beautiful. 

This experience was completely new for us in such category. And what could be best than taking a romantic dinner with your life partner in an open restaurant when sun is calling day off:) 

Trip doesn't have much to narrate about since cruise remained still in international water for half a day, I guess It would be in Singapore water if it would have traveled bit more. 

Don't expect it to be like Royal Carribean kind of experience, however if you have never been on a cruise and currently you are in Penang or planning to visit to Penang, put in your list of Penang attractions and make some room in your tour itinerary:) If you wish to give a try kindly make sure to check star cruise itinerary from Penang international cruise terminal embarkation point.

Happy travelling...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Genting Highland, Malaysia

Fun Above The Cloud - Genting Highlands, Pahang

Why Genting Highland was on my list?

Both of us (me and my wife) had never been to a theme park prior to the Genting Highland ! 

I know it's bit hard to digest but that's the reality :( and things can't get better when you can visit theme park with an option to recover the cost of ticket in a casino lol. It felt really good to be a child again :). 

Genting Highland, run by Genting Berhad, basically comprises casinos, outdoor and indoor theme parks as well as hotels. Casino in Malaysia are generally illegal but Genting Highland casino is the only place in Malaysia where you can gamble legally. Situated around 35KM away from Kuala Lumpur. It is located at 1800 meter height and temperature always remains between 20°C to 25°C during the day and 15°C to 20°C during the night.

Indoor Theme Park

Genting Highlands Attractions:
  • Genting Skyway
  • Casino De Genting
  • First World Theme Park or Also known as Genting Highland park

== Photos from my trip ==
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Food and drink:

There are many restaurants to serve your appetite. We tried Coffee Terrace which costed us around 60RM per person. It is buffet style dining. You can fill your plate from at least 50 different dishes ranging from veg to non veg!! 

Some of other famous restaurants at the highlands are The Olive, Bakery, Spice Garden and Pizza Hut. For dark lovers, don't forget to knock the door of Safari disco!


It is only a day trip unless you decide to spend a night there. If you stay there just leave the window open for a while and see the cloud entering in your room :) 

I would rather suggest you to stay there for a night. Genting highland weather gets very cold during evening time, walking outside can be a fun. But you really got to carry woolen cloth to enjoy genting weather else you will be running from corner to corner. 

During our trip we stayed at First world hotel which is the one of the largest hotel in world. It costed us around 120RM for a night stay. The room was clean but no WIFI and TV had very few channels and mostly were only free to air channels. The valley view from the room was decent enough. 

I guess this was the most "budget" hotel at the Genting highland. There are few other options if you want to check them out: Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort hotel, Theme part hotel and Awana. Make sure you book the room in advance specially if you are travelling on week end. 

How to get to Genting Highlands:

If you wish to pay a visit to Genting Highland. You have following three options available, if you choose to pick the public transportation:
- Take a bus from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal
- Take a genting bus from KL central terminal 
- Take a taxi instead of bus from above two places. 

Taxi will cost you around 70RM single side or may be more depends on your bargain skills! 

If you catch a bus from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal it will cost you around 10RM. But keep in mind, this bus service is more like a city bus service, don't expect it to be fast and flying around. It will take its sweet time to take you there, I guess 1 and 1/2 from one side. But the only plus point this bus service has is that it will take you all the way to the First world hotel you don't need to catch a cable car from half way (but cable car is fun, don't miss it!!). 

However if you catch a genting bus from KL central to Genting Highland, it is the best deal you get from KL to Genting Highland. It will cost you around 50RM per person. The genting bus service is fast and seats are more comfortable than Titiwangsa bus service. 

The ticket cost 50RM is inclusive of Indoor and outdoor theme parks, unlimited rides or if you don't want ticket for theme park rides you can get it replaced for lunch or dinner at Coffee Terrace plus the ticket is valid for both ways. The KL central Genting service will drop you at the cable car station. 

From there you can catch a cable car all the way to Genting Highland if it's cloudy you will really pass through the clouds!! And the cable car price is include in genting bus ticket, no need to pay any thing.I guess this entire KL central to Genting highland thing is called "Go Genting" package, I leave it you to check it out. 

At the Genting Highland, there are no such major roads for people to walk, but lots of may have to walk a lot and if you get lost at highland don't mind it you will soon find your way just keep an eye of signage which you will find everywhere :) and yes don't forget to find a genting highland map. If you are travelling with your family, it will be fun for them to be at Genting Highland as part of their Malaysia holiday package.

Update: As of today, 26 Feb 2014, genting highland theme park are closed for renovation. 

Happy travelling...

Friday, 2 August 2013

Malacca, Malaysia

The Unparalleled Melaka, Straits of Malacca

Why Melaka was on my list?

I love to visit the places with history importance. And what could be better than Melaka where history pages literally get unfolded in front of your eyes. 

This is the place where West met East for over 500 years. Melaka's architecture is without any parallel. Sitting proudly on the western cost of Malaysia, around 145KM from Kuala Lumpur, it really justifies the "world heritage site" tag. It's an amazing place to visit. I would say Melaka is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It's unique architecture is influenced by its previous rulers (British, Dutch and Portuguese). And it's unique culture is influenced by Malays, Chinese and Indians. 

St. Francis Xavier Church

Tourist Destinations Melaka/Tempat Menarik Di Melaka:

The list is bit bigger this time but don't worry most of them are on walking distance but a map of Melaka's top places is certainly needed.
  • Christ Church Melaka
  • St. Francis Xavier Church
  • A Famosa Malacca
  • Melaka River Cruise
  • Jonker Walk Melaka
  • Kampung Kling Mosque
  • Portuguese Square : Portuguese Settlement In Melaka
  • The Orangutan House
  • Maritime Museum
  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  • St. Paul's Hill
  • Dutch Fort
== Photos from my trip ==
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Food and Drink:

I can only say if you are in Malaysia just raise your hand and you will get a tasty food served to you. This country is really a place to be if you are hard core eater :) 

If you are in Malacca don't forget to taste Nyonya Laksa, Tandoori Chicken, Xiang Ji Pork Satay, Satay Celup and Coconut Shake.For drinks well if you are night party lover then you will be happy to know there are some great places to be when the dark falls. The Geographer Cafe and Mixx Club were the places we choose  to get high!!!


Like many other cities in Malaysia, Malacca also got options suiting each and everyone's pocket. We found few of them in Kampung Kling Mosque street a walking distance from the Christ church. 

It costed us around 60RM for a decent room with WIFI, TV and Air Conditioner. If you are looking for budget stay, cross the river and search on the right hand side lane you will definitely find something for you.


We took a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Bandar Tasik Selatan. It was 2 hours journey in total. The fare at that time used to be around 12RM. The bus will drop you at the Melaka central terminal. 

From there you would need to take another bus  to the george town. As per the Melaka tourist guide there is a bus service called "Panorama" which covers all the tourist areas. Well we waited for that bus for 1 hour not even a single one arrived. 

We decided to move on without catching "Panorama", we took a local bus which dropped us in front of the Christ Church Square. But I got to admit that bus service in Melaka is not as good as Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Monorail melaka was under construction at the time when we traveled so I guess you could check whether it's ready for ride? 

Another mode of transportation in Melaka is "tricycle", they will take you to the tourist places near by Christ Church and wont charge you a lot.    

Another famous mode of transportation is walking :) since most of the attractions are located nearby and Melaka weather is also good. 

Malacca trip had all you could ask for...beautiful locations, delicious food, awesome people and of course free history lesson but there were two things which I din't like at all, public transportation was really not good and it needs a serious improvement and second was Portuguese square, Portuguese village was neat and clean but the beach was very dirty there was garbage very where. 

I don't know whether it was local restaurant guys who were throwing garbage there or was it coming through sea but a place with such a historical importance should have been taken care a bit more. 

Happy travelling...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Penang Island/Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

The Pearl Of The Orient - Penang 

Why Penang was on my list?

Around 8 years back, i was googling Buddhist temple around the south-east Asia for my school assignment, researching how Buddhism spread from India to this part of world. 

This is when I saw Kek Lok Si temple photos online and since then it just got stuck in my mind somewhere. I wanted to see this place LIVE! My star shined and I landed in the compound of this absolutely amazing temple in 2010 ! 

oh boy, this place got some kind of glued surface which doesn't let you walk fast :). Lord Buddha makes sure that everything runs in slow motion so that you enjoy the beauty of this temple :) It was really worth to keep this place in my list and now it got printed in my memories forever along with Melaka

Penang is one of those kind of rare places which has something to offer to everyone, none goes disappointed. On one side it got a Buddhist temple like Kek Lok Si which is one of the biggest of it's kind and on the other side it got world famous beaches like Batu Ferringhi. 

And food in Penang, well it's de-facto food capital of Malaysia!, you just can't afford to miss anything. So make sure to pack some gastric remedies pills :)

Kek Lok Si Temple

Penang Attractions /Things to do in Penang:
  • Batu Feringghi
  • Georgetown Penang
  • Kapitan Keling Mosque
  • Kuan Yin Temple
  • Penang Bridge
  • Penang Kek Lok Si Temple
  • KOMTAR Penang 
  • Fort Cornwallis
  • Jubilee Clock Tower
  • Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  • Penang Hill
  • Penang Butterfly farm
  • Penang Bird Park
  • Snake Temple Penang
== Photo from my trip ==
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Food and Drink:

Food and drink shouldn't be your worry if you are in Penang. There is at least one or two food points at the corner of each and every street :)

We stayed near to the Kapitan Keling Mosque, there were few food corners to select from and food was also decent. 

Irrespective of what kind of food lover you are, vegetarian or non-vegetarian you will definitely find some thing good to have. Penang food is one of the best in Asia!! Penang famous food well we didn't waste time in search we ate whatever we could !


We found a budget hotel near to Kapitan Keling Mosque. It costed us around 50RM for room with air conditioner. The hotels was decent enough to stay but without any wifi and TV. 

You can make a pick from so many hotels at Pitt street near to the junction of Lebuh Chulia and Jalan Buckingham. There are hotels available suiting to any one's pocket. 

Transportation for Penang:

We took a bus from Puduraya bus terminal KL to Penang. Bus service was good. Costed as around 40RM each. To reach to Puduraya bus terminal you can take LRT (subway) service to Puduraya station from KL central. 

If you are coming from KLIA, nowadays airport bus service also passes through Puduraya bus terminal before heading towards KL central. When in Penang, once you reach to "Komtar" you can get local transportation bus to any where in Penang. Penang Local bus service it also good enough to rely on. Penang local bus station is located near to the Penang Port. 

If you wish to use train service, you can catch a train from KL central station to Butterworth or vice versa.

Penang weather is equatorial which means high heat, high rain fall, high humidity. So keep in mind the weather in Penang when going out specially in after noon time, make sure you carry sun-cream, a pair of good sun glasses and water with you always.

Happy travelling...

Monday, 17 June 2013

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo Megapolis, Western Province (Sri Lanka)

Why Colombo was on my list?

Well this guy "Sanath Jayasuriya" is the culprit :) When it comes to cricket he could single handedly destroy the challenging team in matter of few overs. 

Frankly speaking, he was the one who gave me sense of this country. I became such a fan of this legendary batsman that I was literally praying either India or Sri Lanka as world champions. Man, I wished it like anything and it got accepted. Sri Lanka won the World Cup 1996 hurray! 

Since then it was like a dream to touch down this land some day. Here I was standing in front R.Premadasa International Cricket Stadium in Colombo city, Shri Lanka after the wait of 14 years! I guess it's never too late, right? Colombo is the largest city of Sri Lanka, so make sure you collect the map of Colombo from air port itself as there are plenty of chances of getting lost :)

Gangaramaya Temple

Places to visit in Colombo: There are quite a few places deserves to be visited.
  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Town Hall
  • Galle Face
  • Murugan Hindu Temple
  • Independence Memorial Hall
==Photos from my trip==
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Food and Drink

Finding good street food is not difficult. You can always find some thing good enough to have with in your budget. However if you are vegetarian then your options reduce a bit. 

For typical south Indian food you can visit to Shanti Vihar, the restaurant is not expensive too for the kind of food being offered.  For drink, since weather in sri lanka is tropical the beer would be best to satisfy your thirst and we made sure we had enough supply from the airport itself :)


Quite unique for us that we decided to have a hotel room booked in advance :). Well the reason was quite different this time, Sri Lanka was going through some internal issues which were being resolved using military power. 

So We didn't want to wonder around for hotel room. We booked a room in the hotel named Ramada which was bit expensive but pretty OK for the food being offered on the house. It was very near to sea also. We enjoyed our stay in the hotel. 


We caught a flight from Delhi to Colombo. Costed us around 25000Rs per person for to and fro ticket on Sri Lankan airways. When you are in Colombo you can book taxi or auto (three wheeler) to travel around. 

We got a taxi booked from the hotel itself. He charged us around 1000Rs and took us at most of the places. Locally you can also use bus service but don't expect it to be very punctual but good enough to take you around. It will cost very less compared to the taxi and auto. 


Last month was rather interesting from the travelling point of view. We visited three cities in one month (other two were Penang and Malacca, Malaysia), although not much of difference in terms of historical prospective but still holding the charm of their own and making you wish gosh I would have one more day :) 

Few things I would like to highlight from an outsider point of view. 
- First, always pay in Sri Lankan currency. If you are carrying indian currency it would be bit difficult to get it converted to the local currency specially 500 and 1000 Rs notes and you will be always charged "extra". So get it converted when flying from Delhi Airport itself. 
- Second, Galla beach is in the middle of highly secure area, if you park your car by road, police may come to you for security check. Same is true even if your cab driver drops you at the main road instead of dropping you inside Galla Beach parking. If they come for check don't get too excited :) let them check, keep it cool and calm.

Kindly make sure, you have latest update on the political front so that you can enjoy this awesome country without any hassle. 

Happy travelling...

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rishikesh, India

The Yoga Capital - Rishikesh Uttarakhand

Why Rishikesh was on my list?

Rishikesh has some kind of magnet it pulls you towards itself. You will see many foreigners living here for months but originally came for 2 to 3 days visit! 

BTW, I missed a chance of attending aarti ceremony with Prince Charles and Camilla by one day :(

I was always fascinated with the idea of attending the Ganga aarti. I was amazed by the people performing religious ritual at the bank of holy river. So if you wish to live the magical moment, don't forget to attend Ganga aarti at the Parmarth ashram. Rishikesh, beside being famous Hindu pilgrimage site it is also famous adventure sports destination. Although later one was not on my list. 

One the places near Rishikesh to visit is "Neelkanth Mahadev". As per the Hindu epics this is place where Lord Shiva consumed the poison. 

Ganga Aarti

Things to do in Rishikesh: 

  • Yoga
  • Adventure sports
  • Ganga aarti
  • Camping
  • It's a first stop to char dham yatra.

Make your pick :)

Rishikesh Images

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If one wishes to learn yoga in Rishikesh, there are many centers claiming to the best yoga ashram in Rishikesh which can teach you yoga suiting your budget and need. Although you can find them any where in Rishikesh but I liked few which are situated on the left hand side of the police check-post once you cross Laxman Jhula. If I recall correctly Rishikesh Yog Peeth is quite a famous place to learn yoga as well.

For adventure sports, White water rafting, you got to book it in advance better book in the morning time so that you get in the river by after noon when weather is bit hot else water could be very cold in morning and evening time. The one we booked was situated on the way to Ram Jhula from Laxshman Jhula. It will cost you around 1000Rs per head for 12 Km river rafting. 

Bungee Jumping, although we did not do it personally. But one can find it on the way to Neelkunt. All you need 2000Rs and a strong heart :) I guess, it is the only bungee jumping camp in India, run and designed by a new-zealander. Rishikesh is also a hiking and backpacking center. 

Food and Drink

Note, Rishikesh is a vegetarian town by law, you wont find even a single place serving non vegetarian good. If one willing to find a non veg food point he/she might have to travel outskirt of the town. 

Same goes for drinking you wont find any shop selling alcohol, if one wishes to buy then better option would be either to carry from source itself else nearest option available is a town named Raiwala which lies in between Haridwar and Rishikesh.

If you wish to have a decent food near to Laxman Jhula well there are plenty of restaurants available at 5 mins walking distance. One of them, if I can recall correctly, is chotiwala which is decent enough to serve your hunger. There are few others situated next to chotiwala which are also decent and cheaper. And if you wish to buy Rishikesh map well this is place to search for it :)


There are many budget accommodation easily available all over Rishikesh but finding a room with good view of Rishikesh could be difficult. We stayed at the hotel named "Ganga Niwas" which is basically a guest house run by a trust. It will cost you around 600Rs with air conditioner. 

Most of the people staying there were basically staying for months, doing yoga courses.

Another option would be to rent a tent or camping at the bank of Ganga. There are many options available on the way to Neelkunt. All in all it depends how much you want to spend on the accommodation and also the season you are traveling to Rishikesh, we went there in May starting. 

One more thing to keep in mind Rishikesh weather which may get very cold for few liking especially the temperature falls very fast after rain. So don't forget to pack few woolen clothes for the trip.

How to reach Rishikesh?

Taxi: If budget is not an issue, book a taxi straight from the airport itself.

Train: Take a train from Delhi to Haridwar and from Haridwar you can take public auto which are quite cheap. Or you can also take a local train from Haridwar to Rishikesh.

Bus: There are direct bus services available from Delhi ISBT to Rishikesh.

General Route to Rishikesh: 

New Delhi - Meerut - Muzaffarnagar - Roorkee - Haridwar - Rishikesh

Route we took to/from Rishikesh:

I was travelling on my bike so there was no compulsion of taking above route. There is another route which can save hell of time. 

This road basically runs along gang-nehar which you can catch from Modi-Nagar. While travelling from New Delhi to Meerut, just before the Modi-Nagar you will see a nehar "canal" passing through, take left and just fellow the road to the end it is around 220KM long road and will take you to the roorkee. And from Roorkee it is common road to Haridwar to Rishikesh. 

Just keep in mind that don't use this road in night and also don't forget to take update from a villager about the road condition. During our trip around 35 KM road was in very bad condition since we were on bike it didn't create much of problem but for car it might be different story altogether. 

If you are looking for a good Hindu spiritual experience well you got to be there!

Happy travelling...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Amritsar, India

Amritsar Is "India At Colorful Best" !

Why Amritsar was on my list?

I have always been a big fan of Punjabi tradition. Great food, honest and hard working people. And guess what they are the inventor of my favourite food sarson ka saag, makki ki roti with makhan :) OK, No more food talk I have already started feeling dam hungry!

Kirtan At Golden Temple - The Holiest Place For Sikhs

Tourist places in Amritsar city:

==Photos from my trip== 
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Food and Drink

Come on, food and drink ! Are you kidding with me ? Punjab is world famous for two things delicious food and drinking :). I am not going to write any further on this topic. Just walk to any "dhaba" and enjoy your meal. 

If you are at Golden Temple, you get free food (Prasad) at the langar, don't forget to give a helping hand once you are done with your food. It is not mandatory but this is how entire kitchen work gets done at the Langar. 

Where to stay in Amritsar?

There are few budget range hotels situated near to the main bus terminal and fun cinemas Amritsar. There are not the best hotels in Amritsar but given the location they are good enough to stay. It costed us around 600Rs per day and was pretty OK to live there. The room had air conditioner which you will definitely need in summer season. 


Amritsar is around 470 KMs from New Delhi. Given the weather it is best to travel in night by train or bus. It takes around 7-8 hours to reach Amritsar from Delhi. There are two types of Amritsar bus services available one by government and another one private. We took a private tour operator bus from ISBT Delhi. It was a sleeper bus so we could sleep overnight. We reached Amritsar around 7.00 AM, booked a hotel room near to the bus terminal itself and bought a Amritsar map. 

To travel in the city itself, you can hire an auto or book a taxi, there are easily available. But make sure to bargain else they might charge you atleast 3 times more. Also take note of weather in Amritsar in day time during summer is quite hot.

If you ever come to India and don't visit this place well you will have to visit us again!

Happy travelling...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Agra, India

The City Of Taj Mahal

Why Agra was on my list?

Agra is the city of Taj Mahal. It's a city with three UNESCO world heritage sites. It has lots of history to brag about. At the peek of it's glorified history, it was the head quarter of Mughals during their Indian occupation. Agra has also served as the capital of Hindustan during the era of Sikandar Lodi. A trip to India without going to Agra to admire the beauty of love is always an incomplete tale.

For me there was one more reason. A will to go on long bike drive with the lady of my life which we never dared to do before. If you are anywhere in NCR and want go missing for two days I would say Agra is place you are heading to, just get disappear from the radar.

Royal Gate Of Taj Mahal

Tourist places in Agra: There are three historical places in Agra to visit:
== Photos from my trip ==
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Food and drink

If you are visiting Agra food should not be one of your concern. There are few restaurants available near to the Taj Mahal location. You can find few international flavored one in Taj ganj area too. For drinking well plenty of options available. One such place to buy drink at cheap rates is situated in main market of Taj Ganj area next to bike repairing shops. 


It should not be much of a trouble to find a good budget option near Taj Mahal itself but keep in mind: 

- Don't expect too much but worth every penny paid. 
- Be sure to check out the room before paying for it. As you might get trap in paying for a room which doesn't even exist in the entire hotel :). 
- Bargain and bargain hard. We saved around 40% at the rate initially offered.
Don't follow people offering hotel rooms on bike. Security Issues!

One of the biggest plus point of booking hotel room in Taj Gang area is that you can walk from there to the Taj Mahal and if it is your lucky day you could get a room window facing Taj itself. We were not that much lucky that day :( 


Bus: You can get bus to Agra from ISBT Delhi costing around 400Rs. Another option to book a bus seat is near Red Fort area in Delhi. This area is basically captured by private bus/taxi service providers. Note: Since buses are not allowed to wait for pickup at the highway they will keep on circling same area for a while until it's fully loaded. But going to Agra by bus I wouldn't take that option unless it's tour operator bus.

Train: Train is much better option than bus since many trains are available from Delhi to Agra. The train service starts quite early in the morning near about 6 AM. For more information on trains you can browse through Indian railways website and on the same you can book tickets online too as per your convenience. 

Taxi: You can book taxi to Agra from Delhi. There are many taxi services available from Delhi airport or another better option is near Red Fort area in Delhi where you will find many private taxi service operators.

Route - Agra from Delhi or vis a versa: 

Route one: Most of the buses take the old route which increases the travelling time atleast by 1 and 1/2 hours or so. Road condition is pretty drive-able just near by of Mathura it gets bit crowded. When we were travelling back we took this road by mistake from Agra to Mathura.Taking trains from agra to delhi would be anytime better option than travelling via Mathura. 

Route two: An international standard express highway from Delhi to Agra. We took this route. It is known as Yamuna Express Highway or Delhi Agra express highway. 

Route goes like, Delhi - Noida - Greater Noida - Agra. 

We started 8.15 AM, reached Noida - Greater NOIDA Expressway by 9.00 AM. Initially there was hell of traffic from Delhi to Noida, it took around 45 Mins to cover 15 KM which made us think whether it was a good idea to travel by bike. 
But the moment we hit Noida-Greater Noida expressway traffic started to disappear. We covered next 10 KM in hardly 10 Mins. 

We hit the Yamuna Expressway by 9.15 AM. This highway could come as a shock to those who never traveled to any developed country. After looking at the highway all I could say was 'Is it really Indian road?' I never thought India could have such kind of straight line highway which says speed limit "100 Km/Hr". 

It was bit unbelievable at first to see such sign board in a country where you can hardly hit 60 Km/Hr. Where most of the road are filled with potholes and only god knows which one you are going to hit sooner or later. 

But this road was just plain as anything could be. The only concern now we had was weather in Agra as I heard it's get bit foggy near to Agra because of industrial pollution but it turns out to be manageable later on. It's also strongly suggested to have a look on the wheels of car before starting your journey on this road. I saw it personally that most of the people were running on very old wheels "specially taxis" and an old wheel on such a highway doesn't response well to the breaks if applied on the high speed since the road is made of concrete they tend to get bit slippery. 

All in all it was a good trip. This trip became one of the most remembered journey of mine because it was my first long bike ride :). A beautiful express highway, low to no traffic, companied by partner of my life, going to one of the wonders of this world what else can you ask for, right?

Happy travelling...