Friday, 22 April 2011

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Intelligent Garden City  

Why Putrajaya was on my list?

To be frank, Putrajaya wasn't part of my original list ! When we were waiting for our journey to kick start in Malaysia (getting ourselves refreshed from the trip to Rishikesh, India), one of our local Chinese friend suggested us to visit Putrajaya as it is located not very far from the city kuala lumpur. 

And to our surprise it turned out to be a great suggestion indeed! It may not be a world most popular tourist destination but it's worth a trip. It's a beautiful city with artificial lakes and beautiful bridges. Nothing looks unplanned once you are in the boundary of Putrajaya. This city is one of the best example of how a "planned city" should look like. Putrajaya is also known as Garden city or intelligent city and it really lives up to its title. Although at first it looks very quite city but there are many things to do in putrajaya as listed below.

Putra Mosque

Putrajaya tourist attraction: 

  • Putrajaya mosque / dewan masjid putrajaya
  • Prime minister's office
  • Putrajaya bridge
  • Putrajaya lake
  • Take a Putrajaya walk!
  • Putrajaya Botanical Garden
  • Putrajaya Wetland Park
  • Cruise putrajaya

Putrajaya Pictures
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Food and drink

There are few eating joints available near Putra mosque. Don't expect something great but should be good enough to serve your hunger. Putrajaya doesn't have much to talk about night life. If one wishes to have great party after the sun falls to sleep, Kuala Lumpur is the PLACE to be.

Hotels in putrajaya

Although there are few hotels near putrajaya bridge but most of them are pretty expensive. But I guess you wont need to stay in Putrajaya. It would be way better to catch a train back to Kuala Lumpur and rent a hotel there.

How to get to putrajaya from kuala lumpur?

It takes around 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur to putrajaya or if you are coming from kuala lumpur airport then it should take around 45 mins. It's quite easy going to Putrajaya, from K.L. Central take taxi or KLIA express to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya station. Putrajaya bus station is situated under the KLIA express station from there you can take taxi to the heart of the city.

KLIA express takes around 30 mins and will cost you around 10RM. However taking taxi could be more expensive than this.  A one day Putrajaya tour should be more than enough to see all interesting places. 

Not a bad start to our journey in Malaysia, let see what else it has in store for us :)

Happy travelling...