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Christ Church, Melaka, Malaysia

Oldest Surviving Dutch Church Overseas!

Christ Church is the oldest Protestant church in MalaysiaIt's located at Dutch Square, also known as Red Square. This church is one of the main attraction of Melaka. It was originally built in 1753 by Dutch. The bricks used for the construction of the church were specially brought from Holland and walls were not plastered in original structure as you see them today. 

Christ Church
However, Britishers plastered all the walls and painted it light maroon. And later on Malaysian government decided to painted it dark maroon as we see it today. 

Overall the church is very well maintained. Although it is older than 200 years but still being used for worship. You can attend the service on Sunday. 

The Christ church symbolizes the Dutch rule of Malacca. The architecture of the church resembles those back in Netherlands. Near to the church building stands a miniature wind mill to further illustrate the city's link to Dutch.

Queen Victoria Water Fountain 
Of course, this place is one of the most scenic part of Malacca. You will find beautifully decorative rickshaw near to the church as well which makes this entire place more colorful. At the weekend nights the opposite side of the river comes alive with the market called Jonker Street Night Market. 

There are few dislikes as well. First, although it's historical site but you will find traffic all around. Malaysian government should not allow private vehicles here. It really gets messy, you could be stuck in traffic jam for some frustrating time. Second, being a religious place this place deserve to be peaceful but opposite is true. You will hear very loud music from the rickshaws and near by hawkers

You will like the place only if you wish to see a very old architecture. Don't expect this church to drop your jaw, you will be disappointed! And also don't be disappointed if you find it closed for the day. In both cases picture from outside looks more fabulous!

How To Go To Christ Church

Well to be very frank it's next to impossible to miss this place. 

Decorated Rickshaw 
The tourism office and the stadthuys is situated just next of this beautiful building. This church is one of the highlights of Melaka and a post card image of Melaka tourism. Make sure it's in your list of things to do in Malacca!

Happy travelling...

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