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A Famosa, Melaka, Malaysia

The Famous - A Famosa!

A Famosa is a 16th century built fortress located in Malacca. It is one of most prominent photo spot of this historical city. Although the entire structure has been almost destroyed but a lone gate called 'Porta de Santiago' still stands tall reminding the days of Portuguese control over Melaka.
A Famosa
The original structure had capacity to hold entire Portuguese administration including hospitals, churches, captain's residence and an officers' quarters.  Mind you it's one of the only few existing European architecture still standing in this part of the world.

A bit of history, the Portuguese had control over Goa, India and Macau, China in 16th century. These ports were used for business purposes. En route was the Malacca port which became too famous for it's own good. Portuguese decided to take control of Malacca in their hands. Under the command of Alfonso they attacked the Malacca Sultanate which resulted in Portuguese control over Melaka. 
Graves at the back side of A Famosa
Once Malacca became the Portuguese controlled port they tried to save their win by constructing a fort named "A'Famosa". But their luck run out and fort could not save them from Dutch attack. The Dutch took over the control of the fort and threw Portuguese out of Melaka. Marking the end of Portuguese rule.

During Dutch rule which lasted more than a century many Dutch Style Buildings were constructed to represent their heritage. But they also lost their control over the fort to the Britishers. From 1826 on-wards, British East India company along with Singapore and Penang governed it, under the straits settlement administration in Calcutta, India
A Famous From The Back Side 
Later Britishers were the one who converted this fully constructed fort to a single gate by demolishing it's entire structure.

Seeing it's current condition it is really very hard to imagine that it used to be a defensive seaside fort. Today, this fort is just a lovely little place to pause and take some photos. Inside the remaining gate and on the way up the hill there are various signboards explaining the history of Melaka. You will find a cemetery upstairs of some note worthy person, I don't know whom :) At the end one can only say, that you don't often see a 500 years old fort ( OK, a 500 years old gate!). 

Hang-on this lady doesn't look that old!
It may not be in best condition but still a good posing spot. And mind you this single gate is the biggest contributor to Melaka's historical tag!

How To Go To A'Famosa Fort

Public transportation in Melaka is not at par with other cities like Kuala Lumpur. City buses  are really in very bad shape and taxi charges you hand and leg. if you bargain at front with taxi driver before getting into it might help. To some relief most of the tourist places are situated close by Christ Church, A Famosa is not exceptional. You should be able to walk to A Famosa if you happen to be somewhere near to Christ Church.

Happy travelling...

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