Saturday, 13 September 2014

Ram Tirth Temple, Amritsar, India

The Birth Place To Luv and Kush!

Ram Tirath Mandir is a Hindu religious site located in Amritsar. Just to highlight the importance, this temple is mentioned in Hindu epic "Ramayana". Ram Tirath Mandir used to be the Ashram of Saint Valmiki. At this very place he wrote 'Ramayana".

Ram Tirth Temple
Later on, Goddess Sita came to this place after being deserted by her husband Lord Ram.  And gave birth to her two sons named Lov and Kush who were later trained in warfare by Valmiki in the same temple compound as well. Temple complex also has a big pond which is said to dug by the Lord Hanuman himself. It's a common practice to circle the entire pond, which is around 3 KM, while chanting mantars. 

One can still find Luv and Kush class room and Valmiki hut in the temple complex. One of the prime attraction of Ram Tirath Temple is the annual four day fair which is organized in the month of November at the time of full moon. 

However, I don't know why beside being such a historical place it's not that well presented and maintained. Frankly speaking, Me and my wife didn't even know that the temple has such kind of history until we landed at its door step. Just to check whether we were ignorant, we asked our friends and family about this temple and to our surprise nobody knew! Checked tripadvisor only 4 people have something to say about this place. Government tourist website doesn't bother to give it proper recognition.

Photos of Ram Tirth Mandir
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I guess, we need learn from other countries to showcase our cultural heritage more prominently. Look at Combodia, Thailand or Indonesia they also have faith in Ramayana and I bet you know how prominently they highlight this piece of their history. We should be ashamed of ourselves! One side we have countries which values their heritage so much and at one side we are who don't even bother about maintaining it! Feels like either we are ashamed of our cultural heritage or we don't give a shit about it! 

Our temples are in ruined. They are dirty. All of them are overcrowded, no rule of law, no respect for people standing in queue next to them. People getting killed in stampede! What the heck is that? Is it a person going to temple should be ready for a fight of his life so that his family could see him alive once more. No police, no security. Mentally retarded assholes passing all kind of comments to your female companion. Looking ways to touch them! It just can't get pathetic than this seriously.  Although I have very low expectations but one should never lose hope that things can change in future for good! 

How To Go To Ram Tirath Temple

You can hire an auto from Golden Temple or elsewhere in Amritsar. It is situated around 12 KM from Golden Temple. There is a direct mini bus service from the main bus terminal to the Ram Mandir which is quite affordable also. But I would recommend using Auto instead of bus as the buses are small and tend to get really very crowded at times. 

Happy travelling...

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