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Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Magnificent Golden Temple

Golden Temple also known as Darbar Sahib or Harmandir Sahib is one of biggest and important religious site for the followers of the Sikhism. The main highlight of the trip to Amritsar is Golden Temple. It's really very difficult to put this place in words. I wont be exaggerating if I say it's a heavenly experience to be at Golden Temple. You can't compare this place with any other place of such kind in entire world. Just the sheer beauty of this place can leave you speechless!
Golden Temple
Amritsar city even got it's name from the pond of Golden temple. Although the temple would be crowded for most of the time but still it would be calm. There is this real sense of calmness and peacefulness about the surroundings which you can feel but can't describe. I guess places like Golden Temple and Taj Mahal make you addicted to travelling !

At Golden Temple, you get free food (Prasad) at the langar (a common kitchen). Surprising part of that kitchen is that the most of the people working inside the kitchen are visitor of the temple itself. So what you basically do is, you sit down at the floor with others take your food and once done you go to the kitchen to help other people working there that is if you wish to. It is not mandatory but this is how entire kitchen work gets done at the langar.

Images of Golden Temple
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How To Reach To Golden Temple 

To travel in the city itself, you can hire an auto or book a taxi, there are easily available every where. But make sure to bargain else they might charge you atleast 3 times more. Also take note of weather in Amritsar in day time during summer is quite hot.

I would say Golden Temple is one of the best religious places I ever visited. It was crowded but still clam, neat and clean which is kind of unique if you are in India itself:) Visiting this place may be one of the your most remembered religious place even after years. 

Just to clear some air that roof is really of GOLD :)

Happy travelling...

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  1. You are right! The Golden Temple is also known as Darbar Sahib and Harmandir Sahib. It is the most important religious site for the followers of the Sikhism. My uncle was visited there last year before bus to washington dc tour with his business partner. It was opened in August 1604. This temple is so shining in the sun light and it looks a beautiful, magical house. You have shared complete history of this Temple. I really like your work effort.