Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sungai Gabai Waterfall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Time For Jacuzzi Bath!

Sungai Gabai Waterfalls are situated in Hulu Langat at the outskirt of Kuala LumpurIf you are looking for an escape from your busy city life well here is your pass! 

Sungai Gabai Waterfalls
It may be your brilliant pick for a sunny day for at least two reasons. The water here is really very cool. Since there is no fee, well if you don't consider 1 RM maintenance charge as fees, then it's virtually a free place to visit. 

So it's a natural water park without any fee, isn't that great! If you don't mind taking some risk then there are few cascades on which you can even slide. 

What is the risk? Well it may peel off your butt just in case your precise execution of sliding takes south, well that's the trade you got to make some times LOL. 

Freebies ain't done yet! It's a picnic spot as well. You will see many families enjoying their day in full swing with party cap on! In short Sungai Gabai Waterfalls are quite a popular place among the locals but foreigner are kept in dark :) 

Pictures of Sungai Gabai Waterfalls
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How To Go To Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

Sungai Gabai Waterfalls are remotely located. There is not much of information about how to reach there by using public transportation. But luckily my friend nailed it. He picked the exact bus for us. The bus number was SJ-11 from Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur to Hulu Langat. 

My guess, The bus originates from Maydin Shopping Center opposite to MayBank Tower in Kuala Lumpur.  Hulu Langat was it's the first stop from the other side. Kindly cross verify before boarding the bus. For car, only one advice don't miss small direction sign as the board which takes you off the highway to the waterfall was seriously very small.

Few things to take note of:
  • All though it's reasonably maintained park but on a crowded day you may find it bit dirty.
  • Toilets and changing rooms could have been taken better care of.
  • For food, the most wise thing would be to carry it from the home itself. 
  • Kindly take note that the fall in between two rocks is very deep, it's not suitable for children.
  • Hike a bit, Sungai Gabai Waterfalls got multiple cascades. The higher you climb lesser people with more beautiful natural pond you will find for your Jacuzzi bath.
At the end I would say it's reasonable place to go if your aim is to have a family outing or some sort of family picnic in the arms of nature.

Happy travelling...

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