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Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, India

The City Of Legendary Emperor Akbar 

Fatehpur Sikri is a historical city, a UNESCO World Heritage City site, situated in the district of Agra, India. The city is said to be built by mughal emperor Akbar and it served as the capital of mughal empire for 15 years starting from 1571 to 1585 before turning into a ghost town.

Mighty Buland Darwaza
History of Fatehpur Sikri is quite interesting. Ambar initially had a son who didn't survive long. Now he needed a heir for his empire so he went to visit sufi saint Salim Chishti. Later on Akbar had a son as predicted by the saint. In order to honor the saint Ambar named his son Salim and decided to build a city at the same place where saint Salim Chishti used to live.

A new master piece known as Fatehabad was constructed which was later know as Fatehpur Sikri. But soon the town run short on water as the lake was not big enough to support such number of people. People started abandoning the city and last nail in the coffin was the continuous attacks from the North West frontier. 

A visit to Fatehpur Sikri will take you to the best of the Mughal architecture. Following are most prominent places will be get to visit:
  • The main entrance, known as Buland Darwaza, it's mighty! It's the biggest door way in the world. 
  • The Mosque, known as Jama Masjid.
  • The Tomb of Salim Chishti where people till date make their wishes regardless of their actual religion. The ritual is to tie a thread to the window. Repeat your wish in side your heart three times. And if your wishes come true, then you need to come back and open a thread from the window.
  • Next to the Salim Chishti tomb is graveyard where all the family member's of Salim Chishti are said to be laid in peace. 
  • Panch Mahal, the pleasure and entertainment place for Ambar.
  • Diwan-i-khas, a place for guests.
  • Anup Talao, it was used as a location of the singing competition. 
  • Queen Palace, a Hindu Queen Palace along with security office.

Pictures of Fatehpur Sikri
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Getting to Fatehpur Sikri

The city is situated around 36KM from the Agra. You can take a taxi from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri palace which will cost you 600Rs for round trip. If you wish to take bus, catch it from Idgah Bus Stand and the mini bus will drop the door of Fatehpur Sikri monuments. If you are driving yourself like us, most of the road is newly built toll road and quite nice to drive on. However, you will have to drive 10 KM on a single lane road with traffic coming from both side. I guess they were in process to re-built this road also.

Happy travelling...

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