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Qutub Minar, Delhi, India

A Step Closer to History !

The Qutub Minar is a thousand years old indo-muslim architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Sitesituated in Delhi. It's height must have challenged the engineering minds of that time without any doubt. The minar is five stories tall. First three stories are made of red stone where as fourth and fifth stories are of marble.

the qutub minar delhi
Qutub minar is inscribed with Arabic and India's or rather Asia's oldest script Brahmic inscriptions. The carving on the stones is just mind blowing! 

First Indian mosque was built right here at the foot of tower. Although the mosque doesn't exist in it's full architectural form any more but it's ruins are situated just next to the tower. 

Qutub minar is certainly the best kept monument in Delhi. 

It's huge structure is very attracting and beautiful. Standing for last ten centuries it says a lot about the Indian history. Undoubtedly, It is one of the most famous monuments of India .

The minar is surrounded by beautiful gardens which are really well maintained and you can certainly spend quality time with your family and loved ones here. It is one of those sites which is highly recommended to everyone interested in Delhi's past

One of the mysteries of Qutub Minar is the iron pillar situated in the center of complex. The pillar is 99% pure iron and rest 1% material is unknown to this date. Although the pillar is 1000 years old but it is completely rust free!

Another mystery is the ruins of Jain Temple dating back to the time of Mahabharata and still standing gate of Jain Temple is said to be the main gate of Hastinapur. 

Qutub Minar Photos
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Although there are many other controversies around this tower, few of them are:

  • Why was Qutub Minar built? Although there are many stories behind it but one which stands out as answer is that it was build as a tower of victory to symbolize the beginning of Muslim era in India
  • When was Qutub Minar constructed? The work started in 1193 AD but the tower was only completed in 1368.
  • Who built Qutub Minar? Qutub Minar was built by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak, Iltutmish and Firoz Shah Tuglak. The original construction was started by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak, third and forth stories were added Iltutmish. It was Firzo Shah Tuglak who completed the minar after adding fifth story.
  • Where is Qutub Minar located? In historical sense, the Qutub Minar is located on the ruins of Lal kot the capital of last Hindu Emperor of Delhi. The proof of this is the paragraph on Qutub Minar which says "Shri Vishwakarma prasade rachita". 
  • Hindu temple stones used for the construction of Qutub minar? Well some says it's build on Hindu temple. And some says it was built using the stones from temples. Although I am not sure about it. But one thing per sure there are many stones which seems to represent Hindu gods and the faces of Hindu gods were defaced completely. 
  • What is the height of Qutub Minar? The height of Qutub Minar in meters is about 73. 
Do take an audio guide available just at the gate of the minar. It will provide all information on Qutub Minar needed to understand about this master piece. It's strongly advisable to pick one else it will just seem like a brick minar!

How To Reach Qutub Minar

The best way is to visit by Delhi Metro. It's situated around 10 mins away from Qutub Minar metro station. If you wish to walk feel free!

Qutub Minar Opening Time: 10 AM to 4 PM all days.

Happy travelling...

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  1. Qutb Minar is the 2nd tallest Minar in India. It is one of the most tourist attractions there. I visited there last year before yosemite tours from san Francisco. It is a nice historical place to see. The Architecture is amazing and intricate designs have to see it to really appreciate it. It is a wonderful place in the world. You have shared sufficient information about it for all blog reader and those who want to visit there.