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Delhi Zoo, New Delhi, India

The Zoovenir of Delhi !

The National Zoological Garden in one of most visited site in Delhi. Spread about 214 acres of land, it is the home to about 1300 animals. 

Although Delhi is my home town but I have never been to Delhi Zoo, to make it more worst it is situated hardly 10 KM from my house :) Well all I can say my parents like to stay at home. Since my childhood I always wanted to go there to see a lion "live" but never got such a chance. 

As they say everybody gets their share of chances, I guess I got mine by living my childhood again with little angel :)

Delhi Zoo
Delhi zoo is quite big. It takes around 2 hours walk for complete round. Zoo animal includes all kind of different animals but dominated by different breeds of deer. 

Believe you me there are lots of them! In fact I would suggest it should be renamed to deer park where others animals can also be found LOL. 

Joke apart, it's the only place in the entire country where you can find all breeds of deer found in India. Although there is no doubt that the park needs serious uplifting, which is already in progress, still it is a reasonable place to have a day spent with your young ones. 

Delhi Zoo Pictures
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How To Go To Delhi Zoo

Delhi zoo location is quite convenient. It's located close to very famous old fort. Although there are many options available to get to Delhi zoo. But I will discourage you from driving, I know this town could be very notorious when it comes to driving. 

I would suggest you to take the metro rail to Trade Fair Metro Station also known as "Pragati Maidan" Metro station which is situated very close to Delhi zoo. And from there catch an auto to the zoo itself which I guess shouldn't cost you much. If you don't mind walking a km, just take a walk from the metro station to the zoo itself. 

Another excellent choice would be to catch Delhi Hop On Hop Off bus service which will take you directly to the Delhi zoo.

Although I found the trip reasonable but there were few things which should be taken notes off:
  • Recently I have been to many places in India and outside India but I don't understand why foreign tourist are charged extra. It's not like money grow on tree in their home town or they get it for not working. I just don't understand this logic. I guess they are penalizing the foreign tourist for travelling their country! So is the case here also Delhi Zoo ticket will cost 40Rs for locals but 200Rs for foreigners. Why? Will Lioness show a poll dance to a foreigner as he paid 200Rs not to local since he is paying only 20% you cheapster no poll dance for you lol. This shit of charging foreigners extra money is just so stupid and always screw up the entire feeling about a place. 
  • Another super intelligent rule, for camera you got to pay extra. But you can carry your camera cell phone without any charges! No further comments!
  • Queue place is not shaded, you may have to stand in open with a world of people standing in front of you in queue.
  • No big bags allowed inside to save animals from people bringing them lunch and dinner :)
  • World is filled with stupid people. And such kind show their true color in gatherings! Don't get too angry if you see people throwing stone on the crocodile to check whether it is live one or dummy! These damn asses should be canned literately. Or why not just throw one of them in crocodile pond so that other asshole like them be sure that it is an actual crocodile not a dummy.
  • There is a electric car service provided if you don't want to walk around. For the driver of these car, IT'S NOT BLOODY F1 TRACK!
  • Both canteens in and out side of zoo were appropriately priced with reasonable food quality but the canteen inside the zoo doesn't provide any thing to eat.
  • Although it's not a petting zoo but still you will people trying to disturb the animals in the zoo by all means.
It's also advisable to take note of Delhi zoo timings and kindly don't forget to check the zoo website for updated zoo info:
  • From 1st April to 15th October: 9 AM To 4:30 PM
  • From 16th October to 31st March: 9:30 AM To 4:00 PM
If you are looking for a zoo to visit to show your young-ones the flora fauna of India, Zoological Park of Delhi may be a good pick. 

Happy travelling...

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