Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cruise, International Waters ( Malaysia - Singapore)

The big boat ride - International Waters

Why it was on my list?

We have zeroed on so many sea sailing trips. But we never mind adding new destinations to our ever expanding list :) At last, It's going to give us some good memories and experiences. During our trip to Penang,  we saw an ad of 1 day cruising in Penang by starcruise

Next thing we knew we were in our cruise cabin and riding a giant cruise !

Embarkation Port - Penang Cruise Port

== Photos from our trip ==

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Was it good addition to our list?

Although it was not part of our Penang itinerary but we enjoyed it alot. I think it was a good decision to make cruise, it was first time feet on a cruise kind of trip for us. We both were excited to be there. The adrenaline rush took us from one end of the cruise to the another before even putting our luggage in the cabin :)  

After a full trip to all the corners of the cruise we decided to have a look at our cabin. It was small two single bed room cabin, decent enough. 

The view from the window of cabin was amazing, Gosh! I would have such a view from my apartment's room window :) Watching sun rising in mid of ocean was out of this world experience, it was insanely beautiful. 

This experience was completely new for us in such category. And what could be best than taking a romantic dinner with your life partner in an open restaurant when sun is calling day off:) 

Trip doesn't have much to narrate about since cruise remained still in international water for half a day, I guess It would be in Singapore water if it would have traveled bit more. 

Don't expect it to be like Royal Carribean kind of experience, however if you have never been on a cruise and currently you are in Penang or planning to visit to Penang, put in your list of Penang attractions and make some room in your tour itinerary:) If you wish to give a try kindly make sure to check star cruise itinerary from Penang international cruise terminal embarkation point.

Happy travelling...

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